Practical Organic Chemistry (Autor: Vogel)

Practical Organic Chemistry (Autor: Vogel)

Most widely used, established and respected reference manual for the organic chemistry laboratory. Incorporates new reactions and techniques now available to the organic chemist.


  • Complete, comprehensive coverage of the subject in one volume.
  • This edition includes additional material on the structural and theoretical principles required when designing a synthesis.
  • Includes recent developments in reaction techniques.
  • Disconnection or synthon approach now integrated into the text.
  • Over 100 new experiments illustrate the use of modern reagents and techniques and the operation of protection, selectivity and control in synthesis.
  • More detailed treatment of carbon -13 NMR spectroscopy and the interpretation of spectroscopic data for many of the synthesized compounds.


Table of Contents

1. Organic synthesis
2. Experimental techniques.
3. Spectroscopic methods.
4. Solvents and reagents.
5. Aliphatic compounds.
6. Aromatic compounds.
7. Selected alicyclic compounds.
8. Selected heterocyclic compounds.
9. Investigation and characterisation of organic compounds.
10. Physical constants of organic compounds.